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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. For whom are the tours suited best?

There is no specific group for whom the tours are particularly suitable for. Each and every tour offers something special and is therefore interesting for a different target group.

Many tours are particularly suitable for couples who would like to discover the islands together. But there are also tours that accommodate singles very well.

2. Are the tours suitable only for a certain age group?

No, in general all tours are suitable for all age groups. There are, however, certain restrictions for children – but they will be indicated.

Many tours are suitable for people who would like to discover the islands with all conveniences and without any hassle. But some tours also offer adventure and entertainment.

3. Why should I book a tour?

With tours, you can upgrade your holidays and treat yourself to something special. Additionally, you will experience a lot with the tours in a short period of time and in a comfortable way so that you can tell many stories about Malta for examples about the famous highlights (Dwejre, Azure Window, Blue Lagoon, Valletta and many more), historical places, churches, nature and many more. Further, the tours offer you the unique possibility to see places which can be reached only with great difficulty (for example Valletta from the sea side).

A number of places in Malta are an absolute must. Many tours will take you exactly there, for example Valletta, Marsaxlokk, Gozo & Comino.

During the tours you will experience things that you cannot experience in your daily routine. For many visitors it is their first time in Malta and therefore a tour is particularly good to discover the island. But also visitors who have been to Malta many times will get to know the island from a different perspective through the tours.

4. I am interested in history and culture. Are there any offers in this direction?

Malta is full of history and culture and many tours show this in a special way. Especially history is experienced best by seeing it and the tours offer the best possibility to see and thus experience a lot.

During some tours, you will directly get to know the culture of the Maltese such as during excursions to the market in Valletta or to the race course.

5. I have booked a package holiday. Can I participate nonetheless?

Yes, even if you have booked a package holiday, it can be complemented and upgraded by a tour. We have specialised in tours and excursions and therefore we can offer you a unique service on site.

6. Can I also book a tour through my tour operator or travel agency?

Yes, if you do not want to book directly with us and your tour operator or travel agency does not have our tours in their portfolio, you can ask your tour operator or travel agency to book a tour with us for you.

Direct bookings are also possible:

Bookings & requests:

7. I would like to visit Gozo and Comino. How do I get there?

For many visitors it is difficult to visit Gozo and Comino (Blue Lagoon). We offer you an alternative solution. With our tours, you can experience Gozo and Comino in their entire beauty while relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere.

Do not miss out on the unique chance to see Gozo with its beautiful nature and Comino with its stunning lagoons and the Blue Lagoon during your holiday.

8. We live far from the centre of Malta. Can you organise a transport for us?

Regardless whether you reside in the North, the South, the West or the East of Malta, we will organise a transfer from and to your accommodation for you. We cannot organise transfers from Gozo, but we can pick you up at the ferry harbour in Cirkewwa and drop you there off again. You need to organise the ferry from and to Gozo yourself as well as the transfer to the ferry in Gozo. The ferry, however, offers a very regular service.

Some places, from which we often, but not exclusively, organise transfers, are: Qawra, Sliema, St. Julians, Mellieha, Gzira, Bugibba, Marfa, Floriana, Valletta, St. Pauls Bay, Golden Bay, Ghadira, Salina, Cirkewwa, Attard and Marsaskala.

9. We are a family with different age groups. Are the tours suitable for the entire family?

Yes, the tours are, of course, suitable for the entire family; everyone will get their money’s worth. Please ask us specifically (please also state the age of each child) and we are happy to consult you:

10. My friends and I would like to participate in a tour, but we all reside in different places. Is it possible to organise transfer for all of us?

Yes, we organise a transfer for every participant. You can all participate in the tours, but we will fetch you from your respective accommodations. We wish you all lots of fun and a wonderful time in Malta.

11. We are travelling as company to Malta. Can we book via the company?

Yes, business people/employees can book a tour via their company. It is a great experience and will help building a stronger team.

12. Can I participate in a tour by myself?

There is no need to always book an excursion with others. You can also participate alone and by doing so get to know new people. You only need to be open to new experiences.

13. We would like to participate in a tour that includes swimming, preferably in the Blue Lagoon?

During many tours you will anchor in unique lagoons with an amazing view onto the islands. There you can also swim and sun bath. Tours to the Blue Lagoon with its well-known crystal clear blue water is very popular. This lagoon is offered in particular in some tours.

14. Is food offered during the tours?

Yes, many tours include a buffet or a meal in a local restaurant. There you can enjoy the delicacies on the spot. The buffet also offers local dishes.


We are looking forward to you!  

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